TicketToken - OST Alpha Challenge 3

What is TicketToken

TicketToken is a digital token for everyone that buys sport/shows/cinema/conference, etc tickets.

Powered by OST, TicketToken allows anyone to exchange tickets for tickettokens, as well as encourage and stimulate the users to share on user's social networks (twitter, facebook, whatsapp, etc) the user's activities (buying tickets in real world, exchanging tickets with other user, etc). People will be able to store their tickettokens in a digital wallet, and check their balance and log anytime they want.

Why OST and the challenge

I chose OST to build on and to incorporate into the Android app because OST is building the complete blockchain toolkit for businesses and I only need to focus on what is my core business that is the tickets exchange business. That fact aligned with the alpha phase III challenge promoted by OST made me register right away.

The app will have the following features:
1 - Exchange user tickets for an amount of tickettokens.
2 - Receive tickettokens when users share their progress through social networks .
3 - Ability to request tickettokens.

Current progress and next steps

The Android app is being developed and the main UI important factor is the possibility of simply choosing the best spot by zooming in and out in order to check what are the seats available. I'm using as an example the ticketing API of big a Portuguese stadium and it will serve as a proof of concept that will allow the app to be integrated with any possible stadium/conference/cinema, etc
The login and the user registration process is already implemented using social networks login in order to easy the registration/login process. The user's profile page is also implemented and it's just missing the tickettokens user's balance integration.
There are still a lot of things that need to be implemented but I think that the curiosity and commitment that I'm feeling about the OST program will make me code quicker and quicker! ;)