TicketToken - OST Alpha Challenge 3

What is TicketToken

TicketToken is a digital token for everyone that buys sport/shows/cinema/conference, etc tickets.

Powered by OST, TicketToken allows anyone to exchange tickets for tickettokens, as well as encourage and stimulate the users to share on user's social networks (twitter, facebook, whatsapp, etc) the user's activities (buying tickets in real world, exchanging tickets with other user, etc). People will be able to store their tickettokens in a digital wallet, and check their balance and log anytime they want.

Android privacy policy generator

This generator helps developers creating a privacy policy for their android apps.


10 things to check on Android code reviews

ASO App Store Optimization

Principles of Mobile App Design: Engage Users and Drive Conversions

Very good article/finding about how to develop UI apps: content, guidelines, etc

Ssh tunnels explained with 1 image


Best practices in Android development

GitHub page with what Android devs should and shouldn't do:

Android Project/Module Dependencies

This is the command that allows gradle to print a tree with all module/configuration dependencies:
./gradlew module:dependencies --configuration androidTestCompile

Output example:

Android Feature Graphic Generator and Material Icon Generator and Screenshot Builders

# Here is one of the best simple and quick generator of the google play store mandatory items - the feature graphic

Norio icon Norio Feature Graphic http://www.norio.be/android-feature-graphic-generator

NoSQL databases comparison


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